Mission Statement

  • To generate revenue for the government from the activities of vendors and operators of signage and advertisement leveraging on modern technology and high-quality resources.
  •  To modernize, standardize, and regulate the signage and advertising landscape in a beneficial way to the citizens and visitors of Oyo State.
  • To create an enabling environment for the mutual benefit of the licensed practitioners and the Agency.
  • To sweep away intruders, infiltrators, and secret agents who are perpetrating illegal practices in the market through the unflinching support of the Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria and Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria.

Our Mandate

The Agency is responsible for the management, regulation, and control of the signage and outdoor advertising environment in Oyo State.  It is to ensure safe and conducive outdoor space for business so that both the government and stakeholders would continue to thrive.  Hence, it is our responsibility to provide functional infrastructures such as street lights, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, commuter automobile shelters, and others which will support outdoor advertising and maintain an environment with a pleasing appearance.


Objectives and Primary Functions

The objectives and cardinal functions of the Agency which cover all parties shall be to:

  1. control outdoor structures to be used for signage and advertisements;
  2. issue licenses and permits for the construction and placement of outdoor structures in any part of the State;
  3. protect the environment from potential adverse impact from usual blights;
  4. control the number, size, and location of outdoor structures;
  5. ensure that outdoor structures are soundly and carefully designed, erected, modified, maintained, or removed when no longer in use to avoid potential damage to lives and property;
  6. ensure that outdoor structures are compatible with surrounding land uses and environment and further ensure the beautification of the immediate surrounding and vicinity of the advertisement;
  7. control the posting and display of posters on public structures and highways;
  8. reject, revoke or modify permit if found to be in violation of any of the provisions of the law or the conditions for its grant;
  9. prepare and keep all records related to the issuance and denial of outdoor structures permit as well as appropriate general records;
  10. monitor and inspect through its monitoring unit any outdoor structure and verify its compliance with the OYSAA Law;
  11.  establish a database of all outdoor structures used for signage and advertisement, their owners and operators as well as their location and the reason for the operation.