Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments.

Director General

  • The Chief Accounting Officer of the Agency.

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Coordinating procurement and stores activities.

  • Superintending and carrying out the establishments and general administration duties on daily basis.

  • Keeping records of meetings, reports and other matters.

  • Continual organization of staff development programme.

  • Formulate and develop policies and guidelines for all business support services (e.g. general admin and co.).

  • Formulate and develop human resources policies.

  • Develop, implement and manage corporate affairs of the Agency.

Finance and Account Department

  • Coordinating the accounting functions of the Agency.
  • Preparing periodic financial reports of the Agency.
  • Implementing the approved accounting systems for the State.
  • Interpreting financial regulations.
  • Ensuring prompt reply to Audit queries.
  • Appraise policies in developing, implementing and maintaining standards for the finance management, budget control, payroll, accounting, fixed assets system and treasury functions.

Client Services and Activation Department

  • Providing directive/guidelines necessary for continual surveillance of Activation Programmes.

  • Initiating action on the review of Activation Programme policies.

  • Coordinating the day to day administration of the Unit.

Deputy Director, Client Services and Activation

  • Taking charge of all accounting duties.

  • Advising on the control and management of funds.

  • Identifying training needs for Accountants.

  • Establishing appropriate internal control systems.

  • Supervising the work of general accounts; Billing and Debt     Recovery Units.

Deputy Director, Finance and Accounts

  • Taking charge of all accounting duties.
  • Advising on the control and management of funds.
  • Identifying training needs for Accountants.
  • Establishing appropriate internal control systems.
  • Supervising the work of general accounts; Billing and Debt     Recovery Units

Head of Operations (Inspection, Approval & Enforcement)

  • Superintend the subordinate’s activities of examining and confirming the details of locations identified, specified and applied for by the existing and potential owner’s outdoor structures.

  • Coordinating the enforcement team and activities.

  • Ensuring that clients comply with OYSAA’s sites application processes.

  • Monitor and manage compliance according to OYSAA’s laws.

  • Enforce regulations and standards.

  • Ensure adequate service of reminder notices.

  • Recommend/approve enforcement where no positive response has been received from violating client.

Head of Enumeration Unit

  • Supervising the activities of enumeration officers.

  • Organizing the training programmes for staff.

  • Initiating the review of planning policies.

  • Taking responsibility for development planning.

  • Ensuring safe keep of data capture instruments.

  • Collate budget estimates from all the department’s and critically examine these for correctness, accuracy and objectives.

Head of Debt Recovery

  • Implementing debt recovery strategies and in line with the provision of OYSAA Law, 2012 section 19(2) and (3).

Head of Billing Unit

  • Coordinating the billing process and the activities of billing officers.

  • Ensuring proper record keeping.

  • Liaising with BIR for reviewing of harmonized demand notice.

  • Develop standards, policies and guidelines for billing and organization production and delivery of bills to clientele.

  • Ensure accuracy in components of bills and acknowledges receipt of invoice on delivery.

Head of Client Registry

  • Keeping proper records of the Agency’s clientele.

  • Ensuring easy retrieval of files and records.

Head of Personnel Services, Procurement and Stores

  • Keeping proper records of personnel matters of the Agency’s staff.

  • Maintaining standard filing system.

  • Assisting in the training of staff.

  • Supervising and coordinating the activities of a number of junior staff.

  • Establishing and maintaining accurate staff information system.

  • Taking charge of materials and equipment in a central store.

  • Checking stores and reviewing stock positions.

  • Planning store bins.

  • Rendering reports on sub-stores.

  • Allocating stores.

  • Disposing boarded and unwanted vehicles, equipments and other goods.

  • Prepare insurance claims.

  • Quarterly and annual reports.

  • Organizing bulk purchase of stores.

  • Conducting periodic surveys and checking stores.

  • Keeping up-to-date prices of stores and materials.

  • Undertaking shipping, freight and customs formalities.

  • Preparation of reports on Government stores.

  • Review of stores regulations.

  • Execute and manage procurement plans, policies, guidelines and activities according to standard practices.

  • Ensure prompt sourcing of quality goods and services.

  • Organize and develop strategies for providing and maintaining highly effective registry in line with the Agency’s vision and mission statements.

Head, Audit and Internal Control

  • Develop internal control system to optimize OYSAA’s operating procedures.

  • Constant review internal control system.

  • Ensure adequate and effective internal control risk management and governance process.

Head, ICT

  • Prepare, using best practice and agreed service standards, a set of procedures for the admin of information, communication and technology within OYSAA.